What is the Arab Investor Award?

The Arab Investor Award is an initiative with a clear vision and specific objectives, launched by the Chairman of the Arab Investor Magazine with the collaboration of the Australian University of Wollongong in Dubai.

Among the most important elements of the Award is that it includes a group of intellectuals, researchers and economists interested in public affairs and community reform. The Award is characterized by the ease with which its members communicate through the use of social networks and other means, direct or indirect, such as meetings, seminars and conferences. Additionally, the Award operates according to regulatory procedures that define its identity, functions and mechanisms of operation.

The Award benefits from the diversity of disciplines of its members, all of whom affirm their loyalty to the Arab nation and their sincere desire to contribute to the advancement of their societies.


Our Goals

  • Recognition of outstanding performance of individuals and institutions in the area of innovation and sustainability in investment.
  • Providing a supportive and healthy environment to promote the values of dialogue and exchange of experience among pioneers of investment in the Arab World.
  • Providing a platform for communicating, learning and sharing best practices and standards in the field of investment.
  • Highlighting those distinguished in the fields of investment and their contributions to the development of economic work, and encouraging entrepreneurs in the Arab world to follow suit.
  • Encouraging gender balance in the various investment fields.
  • Stimulating foreign investments and attracting them to the Arab world.
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