About Arab Investor Magazine

Arab Investor magazine is an economic, scientific, technological and social publication based in Abu Dhabi (UAE), and is issued by Arab Investor Publishing House. It is a magazine that acknowledges contemporary strategic, economic and social issues. It monitors the future prospects of the development of Arab societies from a professional and academic perspective, and opens portals to investment and innovation in various sectors. The magazine monitors and evaluates best practices that contribute to the consolidation of sustainable development of all segments and competencies, for the benefit of all individuals, companies, governments and communities, both in the Arab regions and worldwide.

The publishers of Arab Investor invest the balance of their media and practical experience in numerous applied and specialized fields in order to provide the best routes to communicate the messages of the investor and the Arab businessman in destinations that meet their investment objectives. This is facilitated through a network of relationships and communication frameworks that presents ideas, projects and information that make the decision making process of investment or partnership, secure and feasible.

In addition to the long and varied list of intended readers – experts, consultants, business leaders, executive heads, bank and corporate managers – the magazine is represented at numerous specialized conferences and exhibitions in the Arab world. The magazine also ensures that it is present in distinguished economic forums, making the framework of communication for our customers wider and more comprehensive.

The magazine continues to achieve its main objectives related to enhancing its presence, excellence, and leadership in the Arab region. It also works professionally to launch purposeful scientific and practical professional initiatives such as the Arab Investor Award.

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